Private Lessons

If you are interested in learning to surf and would like the complete attention and dedication of an experienced instructor, a private lesson is the route to go to get you up and riding waves.

Price is $75/hr

1 hour is the minimum.

Group lessons available

If you have a few friends or family that would also like to participate, group lessons are the way to go.

Equipment is included

We provide surfboards for the lesson. If you have your own, that is OK too.

Fine tune your ability

If you already know how to surf and would like some private time to learn more advanced skills and competitive strategies, our instructors are some of the best surfers in North Florida who have experience surfing all around the world.

How do I Register?

You can register by emailing us at and we will schedule a time and place that suits us both. Generally, we like to hold private lessons in the afternoon or weekends.